The National Prescribing Service has released several resources for medical practices ahead of the upcoming winter season. 

Spirometry measurements in general practice are often underutilised because of time constraints and technical difficulties in organising and performing the test. Getting ready for spirometry is a brief check list for patients on how to get the most out of their test. Also available is a clinician's guide to performing high quality spirometry which details the steps needed for an accurate and clinically meaningful test result. It details how to recognise obstructive, restrictive and mixed patterns of lung disease. 


There are now over a half a dozen different inhaler types for managing both COPD and asthma. Patients are notoriously poor with the use of their inhalers and it can even be confusing for medical practitioners. The inhaler technique device-specific checklists are worth having on hand for doctors and nurses involved in patient education. 

These resources along with a guide to using and looking after a spacer and a COPD action plan can be conveniently found on the NRGPN Integrated Care website under COPD.